Good Reasons to Start Making Your Own Artisan Cosmetics

Creating natural cosmetics is something very personal. In today’s society, we let ourselves be carried away by the glitter of traditional cosmetics, the ones with toxic ingredients and unethical agendas. Some of these ingredients have been proven to be harmful, and others very dubious. However, this industry generates so much profit and the bombardment in the media is so intense that it is easy to be seduced in the end.

Avoiding Harmful Ingredients

It is essential to learn how to read the INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient), a.k.a the list of ingredients of our cosmetic and hygiene products. In this way, we can choose the most respectful product for our skin and the environment. Among the ingredients to avoid, the first on the list are:

Sulfates: They are present in many daily care products, such as shampoo or bath gel. They have a good cleaning power, but their continued use can cause tightness and irritation to the skin. Some natural and therefore recommended exceptions are SCI and SCS which are derived from the natural coconut.

Silicones: Their function is to create a protective layer on the hair or skin, but their long term effect causes the opposite. The hair accumulates the product, wash after wash, so in the long run leaves it with a dirty feeling even if we have just washed it. On the other hand, it obstructs the skin pores preventing them from performing their normal function.

Synthetic Perfumes: Can be very irritating, especially on sensitive skin. They are also very harmful to our hormones and our endocrine system.

Aluminum salts: Aluminium Salts are present in many deodorants. It is an artificial antiperspirant that plugs up the sweat glands to reduce the amount of sweat and is believed to cause breast cancer, thyroid problems, and other endocrine problems.

Kerosene: Normally used in the manufacture of body creams, they achieve an immediate moisturizing effect but plug the skin’s pores preventing it from breathing naturally. Over time, kerosene waxes end up drying out the skin and causing the appearance of acne and irritations.

Other Ingredients such as “chlorine,” “bromine,” “iodine,” and “parabens” are preservatives you will avoid by making your own artisan cosmetic.

Why you should start making your own artisan healing cosmetics?

 Transmuting toxic ingredient into healing goodies

The most important reason is actually very simple; natural ingredients give our skin all the nutrients it needs while taking care of and respecting the environment.
All-natural cosmetic products are made without the use of harmful ingredients and without animal testing. When we create our own healing natural cosmetics, we obtain a high- quality product that will help us care for our skin and is also good for the planet.

Healing Cosmetics are made out of three types of ingredients:

  • Botanicals: vegetable oils, essential oils, flowers, roots, butters…
  • Minerals: clay, sea salt, mineral pigments…
  • Animal: beeswax, honey, pollen…

Fortunately, the industry of ethical and natural cosmetics is booming. People are realizing how important is to consume healthier and more natural products, not only for the skin but for the planet as well.

Buying Them vs Making Them Yourself

The number of companies that sell natural and organic cosmetics has increased considerably. You only need to take a look at the Internet to see for yourself.

But if I´m honest, I rather make them myself, not only do I avoid overpriced and greenwashed marketed products, but it is a delightful activity and a perfect excuse to unplug and create with my hands. Crafting my own artisan cosmetics has been a therapeutic activity for me, especially during these strange times of uncertainty, confinement, and overexposure to technology.

If you want to learn how to craft your own cosmetics in an easy and fun way! , I invite you to take a look at my Academy. You may also want to take a look at other amazing websites like the ones of Lisalise and Humblemeandme. No matter what you choose, I really encourage you to dwell in the world of artisan cosmetics, which is a playful, wonder-filled, and very rewarding path.

If you want to learn more about the toxicity of the beauty industry, I recommend the documentary “Toxic Beauty,” it will transform the way you look at the beauty industry, among other things. 

Let me know what products would you like to create or have created?

I see you and read you!



– Chelle


By Michelle

Michelle teaches fellow artisans at heart, how to create 🌸 healing cosmetics,❤️natural medicine, and other🌙artisan wonders.  Her online Atelier is intended for artisan souls, who believe in better ways of making life.

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