Artisan Therapy, an Ode to Our Hands

Why is more important than ever to make things with your hands, no matter your background.

In these confinement times, uncertainty, and general restlessness, making concoctions, handcrafting remedies, and doing manual activities have become a balm for my soul and body.

Simplicity and manual activities are a luxury that we should cultivate now more than ever. The over-stimulation of advertising, gadgets, and mass consumption has caused us to spend hours in front of a device consuming information. More and more, we have lost the ability to be amazed by everyday things.

As in no other era, the digital age has also taken us away from manual activities. We have lost our ancestors’ knowledge, and we blindly trust what the market and big corporations sell us.

Beyond losing time with mindless consumption through our devices, there is a vital thing that we are losing: the therapeutic qualities of doing something with our own hands. In general, these kinds of activities require our attention without being too stressful,  for the mind bringing us to a healthy flow state. Besides, when you do something manually, the mind generates dopamine, the reward hormone, which is very pleasant and makes you feel at peace and happy. 

Handmade Joy

My favorite artisanal activities are:

  • Creating natural cosmetics.
  • Concocting natural remedies with my hands.
  • Drawing ( even if I’m not so good at)
  • Pampering myself ( beauty routine, bath, face masks…)

I have heard so many people that after doing some work with their hands, even washing the dishes, have felt less anxious, stressed, depressed, and other emotions typical of this fast-paced age.

Since this is a space that is dedicated to artisan beauty, natural cosmetics, and wholesome medicine ( uh and ugly drawings)

I invite you to start creating your own cosmetics and remedies as a healing and therapeutic activity. You will notice how dwelling into this world of textures, medicine and wonder your mind and body will start connecting with the now, you will notice the textures, new aromas, the changes in substances, and the beauty that we miss daily.

Where to Start 

Crafting Healing Artisan Cosmetics. 

Crafting natural cosmetics will not only help you reduce the costs of overpriced products but will also teach you to enjoy yourself, to celebrate your wholesome beauty, to live in cycles, and discover wonder all around

For example, creating soaps, seeing the transformation of its components, making designs, cutting it, and finally washing your body with it ( to fall short) is a delight. Also, when you create your own signature perfume with healing aromatic and therapeutic essences and oils or when you create custom creams for your skin type and unique needs and see the whole process is almost like magic.

You have so many options in the world of artisan cosmetics, you can make solid zero waste cosmetics that help the environment, or choose to create only vegan cosmetics with pure vegetal ingredients, or on the contrary, using the wonders created by our friends the bees to create goodies (of course always with respect and locally sourced)

Finally, concocting your own artisan cosmetics is an activity that brings you to the present moment 

The possibilities are endless and full of awe. Making your own cosmetics is an activity that is easy to start, that will soothe your senses, bring you to the present moment and fill you with joy and wonder. 

Concocting Your Own Natural Remedies.

The benefits of gardening and botany to the mind are so proven that a therapy called horticulture was born and developed to help people with psychiatric problems. It contributes significantly to reducing anxiety and will make you rest better when you sleep. 

Also, the satisfaction and independence that comes from knowing how to create your medicines and your natural health cabinet are priceless! 

When I started making y own natural remedies ( maaaany years ago) I was very skeptical about its effectiveness. After years of making them and learning about herbs and plants, I realized that the “Original Medicine” is the best medicine. The body treated as a whole is stronger and glows! Besides the story about our conventional medicine is quite dark ( You can read my post about it).

The body comes from nature and needs nature to function properly, so by doing your own natural remedies you are not only having a therapeutic activity but are creating even more goodness for your body!

Making your own medicine and natural cabinet is something worth doing

Craftsmanship Is Gaining Momentum

Fortunately, today, we can say that handmade products are becoming more valuable than ever. Globalized consumption is being left behind by the big brands that have developed an unsustainable economy on a social and environmental level.

Society is already tired of finding the same thing anywhere in the world. Whether you are in Berlin, San Francisco, Taiwan, Buenos Aires, or Sydney, in their streets, we find the same clothing stores, leisure stores, restaurants, cosmetics, medicines or cafes …

While in the streets, people talk about the “new normality,” I want to speak about the “new change in consciousness. ” Artisanal crafts are resurfacing within a 100% industrialized and digitalized world.

Consumers vindicate craftsmanship as a value of exclusivity and authenticity.

While years ago, craftsmanship was rejected because of its inability to replicate the same pieces, now this is precisely what brings the value. Consumers look for handicrafts because their “imperfections” make them unique, exclusive, and authentic pieces.

Recognizing the merit of the value of craftsmanship humanizes us. It allows us to reflect on the time, work, and love behind each product.

This is the best moment to start creating your own handmade products, enjoy their therapeutic effects, and share them with your community. Whether you want to keep them for yourself, or give them to your relatives or start a business, the time is now, my dear artisan friend. 

Tell me what handmade joy activity is your favorites? 

What would you like to learn in the future just for your own delight?


I see and read you! 


– Chelle

By Michelle

Michelle teaches fellow artisans at heart, how to create 🌸 healing cosmetics,❤️natural medicine, and other🌙artisan wonders.  Her online Atelier is intended for artisan souls, who believe in better ways of making life.

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