For those who use their hands to create Beauty, Medicine and Wonder


Let me guess; you are an artisan at heart; you love to use your hands and creativity to fill your life with joy, beauty and nature’s wonders. You love artisan products, healing cosmetics, and natural remedies. Sadly, you often find either expensive products, confusing and complicated recipes, or the default beauty industry full of harmful ingredients, superficiality, and unethical agendas.

You may need a place that teaches you to create personalized artisan cosmetics and natural remedies in a simple way for you, your clients, and loved ones.

“Now Is the Time to Transmute Toxic Practices Into Beautiful-Healing Medicine”

Have you always dreamed of creating your own artisan cosmetics and making natural medicine, but have no idea where to start?

Maybe You…


Enjoy making things with your hands?


question soulless companies and their toxic practices, so you prefer to make products with ingredients you trust?


Want to ditch toxic elements and pollutants from your life?


desire to create restorative and wonderfilled concoctions?


love pampering yourself while feeling delighted, inspired, and aligned with your values?


like the idea of living in rhythm, slower and richer?


Care about nature and want to reduce your plastic consumption?


Are you a seeker of beauty and wholesomeness?


If you see yourself saying yes, yes, it’s me! I invite you to dwell in this wonderful world, full of textures, nature’s goodies, beauty, healing, and celebration. Allow yourself to create unique concoctions and natural remedies with your hands and be delighted through the whole process.

“For the Makers of Beauty and Healing”

Is This Your Calling Too?


I believe you have the mission to bring beauty, healing, and wonder to this world. You are needed, your friends, family, and community need more people like us, artisan hearts, protectors of nature, joy-seekers, and makers of beauty.

Together we will create, artisan cosmetics and remedies from nature, plants, and minerals. You won’t have to buy from toxic companies anymore because you will have the knowledge and tools to create your own products, filled with love, wonder, and ethical ingredients.

If you’re READY to make artisan cosmetics, and natural remedies with your hands, I’m here to guide you into this wonder-filled journey. I’m here to give you the knowledge and tools to create amazing healing products, ( like the flower soups you concocted as a child).

“The plain fact is that the planet does not need more successful people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind” ― David W. Orr

Nice to Meet you

Hi, my name is Michelle Vogelsang, which means “singing-bird” (I promise is a real last name)

I have the privilege to be the messenger of Hands & Cinnamon, a space created for artisan hearts looking to lead a more natural, creative, wonder-filled, beautiful, and toxic-free life.

I’ve been concocting my own cosmetics and natural wonders for many years now, and every time I see a new creation made with my own hands, I’m filled with delight and joy.

I decided to combine all that I know and teach other fellow artisans and beauty seekers to craft their own natural hand-made wonder!

Why Hands & Cinnamon


 I have always been a bohemian at heart, as a little girl, I used to make my own concoctions and experiments out of flowers and dirt.

I have always believed that nature is God’s given gift to humanity, it is our task to respect it and use its wonders to craft beautiful and wholesome creations.

Over the years, I learned how to make natural medicine and delightful healing cosmetics. This has allowed me to honor my beliefs, use my hands, and share my goodies with friends and family. I spent the last couple of years in analysis paralysis, and finally, in 2020, two major things happened in my life:

1. I was saved by grace.

2. Hands & Cinnamon was born.

We live in times where toxic systems are falling apart; it is time to ditch old paradigms, toxicities, and pollutants out of the body, heart, and soul. I invite you to embrace wholesome beauty, healing, and hand-made joy! Let us bring back the artisan ways, let us remember the forgotten medicine, and let’s invite healing and wonder back into our lives.

Together, we will create natural remedies and artisan cosmetics with our hands and hearts making a change in our lives and communities.


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