Artisan Beauty, Medicine and Wonder

Transform toxic and mass produced products into handmade wonder! Learn to make your own high-end artisan cosmetics and wholesome elixirs for you and your tribe.

What are you looking for?

1. Unique and easy recipes for your body, mind, heart, and spirit.

2. Ways to live a richer and slower life by creating delightful artisan cosmetics and medicine with your hands.

3. Forgotten healing elixirs and herbal Medicine.

4. Therapeutic and wonder-filled experiences.

5. Products that honor your values and are more luxurious than those from fancy brands.

6. A community of wonder seekers, artisans at heart, and beauty makers of all kinds.


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6 Reasons to Make Your Own Artisan Cosmetics and Other Natural Wonders

Now is the time to transmute toxic practices into Beauty, Medicine and Wonder.

1. Making Your Own Products Is Therapeutic and Fun

Concocting your own cosmetics and natural remedies is an incredibly therapeutic activity; in a world full of technology, it is a blessing to go back to the manual. You will also be able to understand the cycles of nature and your body. This practice is a balm for the soul, and it is a beautiful opportunity to have quality time with yourself or share it with people you love. 

2. It is a Delightful and a Rewarding Experience

You will have the knowledge to craft tailored products without depending on anything else but your creativity (and your hands).

You will be able to personalize your creations while knowing which ingredients are best suited for your needs. You will also know with certainty the components inside every concoction. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of big industries and monopolies.

Learning how to make your own products is a delight and a gift for you and your tribe.

3.You Can Start Your Own Brand and Business!

Creating both natural remedies and natural cosmetics is easier than people think, and surprisingly, it is much more cost-effective.

Making your own natural products using the highest quality raw materials costs up to 10 times less than buying the product in a store. Think about it, you will have a personalized creation with the best ingredients, and it will be much more environmentally friendly than its counterpart. 

Aaaaaand is a perfect way to start your own natural and wonder-filled brand and business by selling your goodies to your community, friends, family, tribe, and the world!!

4. Healing, Personalized and Multipurpose Products

Conventional cosmetics are created for the masses. Many of these products are made with harmful ingredients that delay or block essential functions in our bodies, like the lymphatic and immune systems. When you make your own artisan cosmetics and natural remedies, you chose the best ingredients for your body, your skin, and your truth.

At Hands & Cinnamon, you will learn how to create concoctions made for your specific needs. In my opinion, no product on the market will be as good, nor will it bring you as much joy as something that is created by you and for you. 

5. You Will Develop Your Creativity and Confidence

The final product is exciting, and so will be the process!

Making natural cosmetics and using nature’s gifts to heal and enhance your beauty and health is a celebration of your uniqueness.

Far from following empty beauty trends and filling our bodies and minds with toxins, making our own products is a hymn to self-care and a way of honoring ourselves. It is fantastic to see the end result of your creations. These concoctions and elixirs will fill you with joy and the confidence of knowing that you, too, can create something as wonderful.

6. Live Your Truth

We live in times where we need to stand up for what matters to us. In my case is to honor my body, create with my hands, and respect nature.

Creating my own artisan cosmetics and natural remedies may be just a grain of sand but is also a wonderful way to exercise my sovereignty and live my truth. We really don’t need an industry that sells us more toxins and insecurities. I invite you to create your own holistic cosmetics and healing remedies as a celebration of nature, your hands, and your body.

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 The Face Behind Hands & Cinnamon

Hi, my name is Michelle I teach, artisans at heart and beauty makers of all kinds how to make wonder-filled cosmetics and natural remedies all toxic-free. I believe that we need a change of paradigm, it’s time to transform many of the toxic practices from our society and start honoring our values, mind, heart, and body. Now is the time to use our hands and the gift of nature to concoct natural elixirs, craft beautiful cosmetics, celebrate, heal, beautify, and enhance our lives.

Whether you just want to learn how to create toxic-free cosmetics or you straight-up want to infuse your life with natural remedies, transmute toxic ideas, embrace your values and concoct pampering products for you, and your tribe you are in the right place.

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